It’s been soooooo long!

So I have been out of action on the blog front for a very long time but the site is still here so let’s hope I do a better job at keeping this updated than I am keeping my journal updated!

So this month I went to ShiMMer UK in Birmingham, my god what a rush! And I’m not just talking about the awesomeness of the event but also the mad dash to get from Ireland to the UK and back again in about 40 hours… good fun though, one delayed flight and one delayed train, never a dull moment!


I hadn’t planned on attending, primarily because I had never heard of ShiMMer UK until a friend of mine Elle Keaton mentioned it to my while at GRL in October last and that was it, I was there! I hadn’t even been home a week before I booked my tickets.

For as tired as I was back in work on Monday it was well worth the trip. Got to see some old faces (Sue Brown, RJ Scott) I hadn’t seen in years as well as seeing some familiar faces I just can’t seem to get away from (Clare London) and that I could never do without.

I have this thing where, at any book event I got to I make sure to find a new author. If you stick to the same authors all the time I find it can be very limiting. Don’t get me wrong I love all my current authors, and yes they do change it up a little bit, sometimes more than a little bit. But it’s always good to be open to new things. This year I found Megs Pritchard and bought her Rescue Ink Collection Vol 1.  This is now on my TBR list, yes it’s long but I read very fast therefore I don’t think it will be too long before I get there. Watch this space for more updates.


About Kelly McGrath

Kelly McGrath grew up in Waterford, Ireland and lives in a little country area with her family. She has been an avid reader since a teenager starting with her mother’s crime novels that she squirrelled away before they were taken off of her. Over the last 3 years she has read upwards of 800 books and has recently decided that it was her turn to write one. Getting into the M/M Romance genre 2 years ago she hasn't been able to put them down. With a love of books, men and of happily-ever-afters where else would she start? With a very open minded family she has found the support she needed from all directions.
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