Family Matters

Family Matters Series
Book One
One Love, One Mistake

Final Cover One Love, One Mistake         

Love Has No Boundaries
Release Date: 12th July 2013
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One Love, One Mistake

Blurb: One night of mistakes… and I lost him.
I loved him and seduced him for months (I am a notorious player,) and when we tried to have a relationship, my past came back to haunt me. One random consolation fuck with a co-worker, and here comes a baby. The responsible thing to do would be to marry the mother… right? But my lover will not go along with being put in the closet, so he left.
But we finally meet again… and now he is my son’s paediatrician. I never thought my son would be the one who put us together again. I finally have the second chance to prove that I’m ready to settle down with him and build a family.
Thanks son!

Genre: contemporary
Tags: medical personnel, sweet no sex, men with children, reunited
Content warnings: off-screen m/f noncon/dubcon
Word count: 10,556

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