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Hi everyone,

Are you all ready for Christmas? Have you taken delivery of all your presents from the internet yet? What, you actually go to the shops to buy things? How quaint!

Last week I ordered pretty much all of Christmas online. It did remind me of the Christmas episode of The Good Life, where Margo cancels the order as the tree isn’t tall enough, so the whole of Christmas is cancelled. Lucky I’ve not put all my internet eggs in one online basket, and have ordered from a number of different places. *taps side of nose* see, it’s all go at Livings Towers!

Has it snowed where you are yet? In southern parts of the UK, so far we’ve only had frost, no snow as yet. I’ll say this and tomorrow I’ll be under two feet of snow, I just know it.

Without any further mincing about, I wanted…

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About Kelly McGrath

Kelly McGrath grew up in Waterford, Ireland and lives in a little country area with her family. She has been an avid reader since a teenager starting with her mother’s crime novels that she squirrelled away before they were taken off of her. Over the last 3 years she has read upwards of 800 books and has recently decided that it was her turn to write one. Getting into the M/M Romance genre 2 years ago she hasn't been able to put them down. With a love of books, men and of happily-ever-afters where else would she start? With a very open minded family she has found the support she needed from all directions.
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